Torah Smash! The Podcast for Nerdy Jews

Episode 12 - Choice Effect 3

September 28, 2022 Barak Malkin, Ethan Lane-Miller, Rabbi David Young Episode 12
Torah Smash! The Podcast for Nerdy Jews
Episode 12 - Choice Effect 3
Show Notes

September 28, 2022
Torah Smash! The Podcast for Nerdy Jews
Episode 12 - Choice Effect 3

Finally, our first video game based episode! Ethan shares his insights to one of the most controversial decisions from the last decade that was made in the virtual RPG world. Listen to the episode or not, the choice is entirely yours. Or at least maybe that’s what we want you to think.

00:00:43 - Exploring Mishneh Torah Hilchot Teshuvah
00:05:15 - The Mass Effect Trilogy and other RPGs
00:09:27 - Limited free will
00:19:09 - The mathematical limit of choice
00:20:28 - Choice when there are limits
00:22:29 - Do you want choice A or B?
00:25:30 - A Rush text study
00:27:56 - Morally ambiguous characters
00:33:29 - Choices in the Torah
00:36:00 - Biblical RPG

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MagneticShul makes a wonderful addition to synagogues. MagneticShul is an educational tool used by all ages: free play, structured barrier games, stop motion animation, or just retelling the synagogue experience. For parents, MagneticShul is a wonderful tool for their children to discover the synagogue through developmentally appropriate play. It is portable and can be enjoyed both on the road, while driving or in the comfort of your own home or at synagogue. Ultimately, MagneticShul is where kids play to pray.
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