Torah Smash! The Podcast for Nerdy Jews

Episode 13 - Dungeons & Discrimination?

October 12, 2022 Barak Malkin, Ethan Lane-Miller, Rabbi David Young Episode 13
Torah Smash! The Podcast for Nerdy Jews
Episode 13 - Dungeons & Discrimination?
Show Notes

October 12, 2022
Torah Smash! The Podcast for Nerdy Jews
Episode 13: Dungeons & Discrimination?

RDY dives into his background as a Dungeon Master for a D&D group of Rabbis and we look into an article on magical creatures that makes us question our perception of the world around us.

00:02:20 RDY has a few things to say
00:04:12 Our Cassandra problem
00:08:10 The Problem with Bubble Wrap Golem
00:10:05 Homebrewing in Torah
00:12:08 Should we play a Torah Smash One Shot?
00:14:43 Satanic Panic and finding connections
00:20:16 Magic The T’shuvah
00:23:27 Do we try too hard to find antisemitism?
00:31:20 The conversation is missing
00:38:23 Most memorable campaigns

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